Investor Relations

Governance Principles

The Corporate Governance Framework of Teleperformance Group S.A is structured as follows.

The Corporate Governance Framework of Teleperformance SE is structured as follows:

• The Chairman and CEO
• The Board of Directors - in the form of a Conseil d’administration). It sets the strategic guidelines for Teleperformance’s activities and oversees their implementation. The Board considers all matters regarding the operations of the Group and, through its deliberations, settles any issues arising. It is composed of a majority of independent members.
• The Deputy CEO in charge of Finance
• The Executive Committee. It deals with strategic matters concerning the Group, following discussions with the Chairman and CEO. It includes the Company's key managers. 

Two Board Committees have been established to assist the Board of Directors. The committees' role is to prepare and facilitate the oversight carried out by the Board of Directors.

The Remuneration and Appointments Committee  - It issues recommendations on the remuneration of certain key executives, in particular the CEO's remuneration and the appointments of members of the Board.

The Audit Committee - It oversees the Group's financial information process and audit process. The Audit Committee monitors:

• The process involving the preparation of financial information
• The efficiency of the internal control and risk management systems
• The statutory auditing of the annual accounts and consolidated accounts by the auditors
• The auditors' independence