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Teleperformance is a French Société Européenne with a Board of Directors (in the form of a Conseil d'administration).
Teleperformance Board has 16 directors, 9 of whom are independent. Individual biographies can be accessed by clicking on the name of each Director below.

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Board of Directors

Daniel Julien


Daniel Julien
Chairman of the Board
Chief Executive Officer

Emily Abrera - Independent Director
Alain Boulet - Independent Director
Bernard Canetti - Director
Philippe Dominati - Director
Pauline Ginestié - Independent Director
Jean Guez - Director
Véronique de Jocas - Director representing the employees
Wai Ping Leung - Independent Director
Evangelos Papadopoulos - Director representing the employees
Robert Paszczak - Independent Director
Leigh P. Ryan - Director
Christobel E. Selecky - Independent Director
Angela Maria Sierra-Moreno - Independent Director
Patrick Thomas - Independent Director
Stephen Winningham - Independent Director

Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee

Alain Boulet - Chairman of the Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee, Independent member
Stephen Winningham - Independent member
Jean Guez - Member

Remuneration and Appointments Committee

Robert Paszczak - Chairman, Independent member
Emily Abrera – Independent member
Bernard Canetti - Member
Véronique de Jocas - Director representing the employees

Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

Angela Maria Sierra Moreno - Chairwoman, Independent member
Pauline Ginestié - Independent member
Wai Ping Leung - Independent member
Christobel Selecky - Independent member

Executive Committee

Daniel Julien - Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer<
Olivier Rigaudy - Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Group Chief Financial Officer
Bhupender Singh - Chief Transformation Officer
Eric Dupuy - Chief Business Development Officer
Miranda Collard - Chief Client Officer
Agustin Grisanti - Chief Operating Officer
Scott Klein - President of Specialized services
Leigh P. Ryan - Chief Legal Officer

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